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Sixteen horses were presented for judging at this year’s Perth Royal Show in what started out in nice conditions. With the sun shining,  the exhibits and handlers entered the ring for Best Presented to start the program. Again, everyone is to be congratulated on the presentation that made it extremely difficult for judge Mr Dianne Aumann to select his winners. Caught On Camera handled by the lovely Elissa Kettlewell was awarded first followed by Smart VC second, Sexy Beast (Kristy Padberg) third. Tracey Cosham (Royal Pride) along with Kristie Morrone (Swagga) filling fourth and fifth respectively and Hannah Griffiths (Prince Matao) completing the lineup with sixth place.

The mares four years and over had six entries presented for judging with AP Burlesque being the judges elect for Champion and Fiona Attard’s Radial Pie keeping her impeccable Royal Show form in tact securing Reserve Champion. This combination filled the same placings last year also

The gelding classes had two heights with Royal Pride successful over Swagga in the smaller height class. Prince Matao was successful in the over height class which bought together these two gelding’s to face off for Champion. Royal Pride was honored today with the Champion award and Swagga reentered the ring to successfully challenge for Reserve. The big mare and the petite gelding presented for judging of Supreme. With another full workout to be performed by both horses the big, gliding movement of AP Burlesque saw her announced Supreme Standardbred. 

After a massive downpour over the lunch period we were lucky to escape the Grand Parade! The weather cleared just enough to get the ridden classes judged in what turned to sopping grounds! The small height class was taken out by Royal Pride looking and working and absolute treat for his rider Kelly Patterson over Peter Pan. The bigger class was taken out by Caught On Camera and Prince Matao. As with the height classes the Champion was also decided with work only on the ring, without much hesitation Royal Pride was awarded Champion and Caught On Camera taking Reserve.


JUDGE: Dianne Aumann (VIC)
Best Presented Exhibit Champion Stallion/Colt Champion Mare/Filly Champion Gelding Supreme Led Champion Ridden
2015 Scoot On By NA - Included with Geldings AP Burlesque Royal Pride Royal Pride Royal Pride
2014 Swagga NA - Included with Geldings Cyclone Dilinger Royal Pride Royal Pride Caught On Camera
2013 Adina Park Darcy Woods NA - Included with Geldings Radial Pie Baileys Rocket Baileys Rocket Adina Park Darcy Woods
2012 Adina Park Darcy Woods NA - Included with Geldings Matildas Bay Dream Adina Park Darcy Woods Adina Park Darcy Woods USA Legacy
2011 Satinka Park Ashtaar NA - Included with Geldings Adina Park Phedora Adina Park Darcy Woods Adina Park Darcy Woods Adina Park Phedora
2010 Adina Park Phedora NA - Included with Geldings USA Legacy Adina Park Darcy Woods Adina Park Darcy Woods Adina Park Phedora
2009 Adina Park Darcy Woods Admiral's Christmas Pain For Gain Adina Park Darcy Woods Pain For Gain Adina Park Phedora
2008 Admiral's Christmas Admiral's Christmas Adina Park Phedora Ifonlytheynu Admiral's Christmas Glyding Moments
2007 Adina Park Phedora Admiral's Christmas Dynamite Trunkey Glyding Moments Admiral's Christmas Admirals Joylyn
2006 Admiral Abernethy Admiral's Christmas Admirals Joylyn Glyding Moments Admiral's Christmas Glyding Moments
2005 Pazam Admiral's Christmas Holmwood Chip Hampton Georgia Admiral's Christmas Pazam
2004 Cousteau Admiral's Christmas Take On Me Supermart Admiral's Christmas Lady O'Tara
2003 Admiral's Christmas Cousteau Take On Me Pee Pee Gee Cousteau Cousteau
2002 Cousteau Grandalusion Take On Me Raydon Lights Grandalusion Maya Rani
2001 Not Awarded Grandalusion No Third Chance Hangover Grandalusion Private Blue
2000 Not Awarded Grandalusion Fashion Lobell Admiral Abernethy Grandalusion Fashion Lobell