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Twelve horses were in attendance at this year’s Royal Show and we were blessed with some magical weather providing the competitors with a much better start than the previous year.
This year saw the Novice Track To Hack class still being on offer for our breed that came under the HIA section being the first class in the morning. Unfortunately only one horse was entered for this class, maybe due to the awkward timing of the event and having to rush to get ready for the led classes?  AP Burlesque was victorious being the only entrant and recieved some lovely comments from the Judge and was awarded a beautiful garland and rug kindly donated by Sharon Joyce and OTT.
The led classes kicked off with a strong lineup for the Best Presented class including some 'new' exhibits being presented at the Royal for the first time . Mynameskenny caught the eye of the judge in the Best Presented class and was rewarded with the blue ribbon in this class.
This year saw the return of the Stallion classes, as for the past 5 years they have been included in the Gelding/Stallion Champion section. So it was a great sight seeing a stallion back out competing at the Perth Royal! Mynameskenny was attending for the first time in his showing career which was also only his fourth show. Lucky for him he was the only entrant so even though he had a playful workout with the 'royal atmosphere' he was always going to be sashed Champion Stallion.
Although the mare numbers have been a little on the light side in the past few years it was great to see a boost with 4 competing this year. For the fourth year running the Royal Champion Mare title went to the big black AP Burlesque with newcomer Hopestone picking up the Reserve Champion sash.
With the geldings being separated into two heights it made for a lopsided class. Swagga being the only small gelding took the blue ribbon. The over height group was won by the big grey gelding Royal Invictus over Vallento with Village Conquerer, Classy Candidate and Notary Pretty Boy placing accordingly. First and second place getters in these classes were required to work on the circle all together for a comparison. Royal Invictus was awarded the Champion Gelding title over Swagga for reserve. The supreme judging required yet another workout and after anmother quick look over the champions it would be Mynameskenny called forward to be sashed Supreme Led Standardbred Exhibit 2018. He was awarded a lovely garland and rug again sponsored by OTT.
The ridden in the afternoon had just the two in the 15.1hh and under group that had Hopestone winning this class over AL Queen Ginger. The over height group had just 2 horses who were extremely turned up with the show jumping going on next door. Whilst Whitbys Revival turned her jazz into a lovely workout to take the win, AP Burlesque was quite unusually agitated and worked below par.  As the winners of each class were ridden and presented by the same rider they were asked to do individual workouts. Whitbys Revival  worked faultlessly showing balance and fluent gaits and lovely transitions. Hopestone was a little tentative in her work but still worked nicely. Whitbys Revival was called forward for Champion Standardbred Ridden 2018 and again OTT provided yet another garland and rug. Hopestone was awarded the Reserve Champion , what a great achievement for Chantelle Wells to prepare 2 horses for the ridden and come away with Champion & Reserve! Congratulations on your success and we hope to continue to see you at this level.


JUDGE: Jenni Cesnik(NSW)
  Best Presented Exhibit Champion Stallion/Colt Champion Mare/Filly Champion Gelding Supreme Led Champion Ridden
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