The WA Standardbred Off the Track Series was founded in 2015 and was the first event of it's kind to be run for Standardbreds in Australia. This series is designed to help promote the Standardbred as a successful and athletic horse that can excel in the Show Horse discipline and create opportunities for an alternative lifestyle after a career in racing. This series is designed to showcase the versatility and temperament of the breed.

This Series is open to any Standardbred registered with Harness Racing Australia. The only criteria being  that the horse is shown in this series using its registered racing name. If the horse is un-named then they will need to be shown as such.

How to Qualify:
Each year a list of qualifiers are set out throughout the calender year to compete at.
Once you have qualified you will no longer be eligible to compete in any further qualifiers. You will then be sent an invitation to compete in the Final to be held in later in the year.

Judging the Class:
The Grand Final is judged by a panel consisting of four judges. Two National Panel accredited Saddle Horse Judges (1 of these will be from the eastern states and the second a local WA representative) and two Harness Racing entities (Trainer, Driver, Breeder or the like). Horses are judged on conformation and movement, in-hand and under saddle.

The 2 Harness Industry judges will judge the conformation section only and provide a score each per exhibit. The 2 saddle judges will then judge the ridden component and also provide a score for each exhibit. The tally's will be combined with the Top 3 horses coming in with the highest score. A Track to Hack Industry award will also be presented to a horse that has raced/trialled from the qualifiers and is to be selected by the 2 harness industry judges only.

The ridden Standardbred should be judged as any normal ridden horse, as we are trying to promote the breed for its versatility. Transitions should be clean without evidence of pacing. All horses should carry themselves in a nice outline, with a degree of rounding, not above or below the bit and not over bent through all gaits. Standardbreds are generally big moving horses therefore it is encouraged that horses show some lengthened movements in their workouts.

The winner of the class should be the one that strikes the judge as their ideal Standardbred horse that has made a successful transition from track to show horse.
Any injuries, scars or blemishes that may have been sustained during racing that are not impeding the horse’s movement are generally overlooked in the Off the Track Event.


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