The 2018 WA Standardbred Off the Track Series is under way! This year the 4 SPPHAWA run shows will offer the TOP 3 placegetters to qualify and will be invited to the Grand Final. There will be a final Wildcard Qualifying class at the SPPHAWA unofficial Gala for a last chance to qualify for the November Grand Final. The list of qualifying shows are listed below. Each horse that qualifies will receive a sash proudly donated by Off the Track WA. They will also be ineligible to compete in any other qualifying event this season. The 2017 series winner is automatically qualified for the 2018 final and is not eligible to enter any further qualifiers.
The aim of this series is to showcase the Standardbred as a saddle prospect. As a minimum the horses are expected to perform walk, trot and canter in a balanced manner and in a nice outline, without showing signs of pacing. As a result if a horse competing in a qualifier does not meet this criteria then the winner or runner up or 2nd runner up sash may not be awarded.
This year we have decided to provide a Grand Final for all Elementary graded horses. While the opportunity at the Scorcher and State Championships to hold qualifiers has already been it was decided that the Champion & Reserve Winners from these 2 events will have secured an invite to the Grand Final with the remaining shows also having a Top 3 Qaulifier class.

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WA Standardbred Off The Track Series

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2018 WA Standardbred Off The Track Series
There are 6 qualifiers for the 2018 Series, more may be added if the scheduled classes are well supported.
The Qualifiers are:

SPPHAWA Summer Scorcher - 11th February 2018
SPPHAWA State Championships - 18th March 2018
SPPHAWA Autumn Show - 27 May 2018
SPPHAWA Spring Show - August 2018
SPPHAWA Unofficial Gala - October 2018
Dual-Code Spectacular - Standardbred Horse of the Year 2018
Wildcard Chances for elite performances


Scoot On By & Ashlee Guagliardo
2017 Grand Final Winner - Automatic Qualifier

Off The Track Winner
$1,000 Cash, Garland & Rug

Runner Up
$500 Cash & Sash

Track To Hack Industry Award
(Raced/Trialled qualifiers eligible only - 2 Harness Industry Judges will select winner)

Smartest On Parade
$100 Cash & Sash

All qualifiers will recieve a competitor pack full of merchandise & vouchers

A full list Awards for the WALK/TROT Final will be decided and published once all sponsorship has been sourced. If you would like to be a part of the event and provide and form of sponsorship please contact SPPHAWA!
2018 Series Contenders
Prince Matao & Hannah Griffiths
SPPHAWA Scorcher Qualifier
Wash N Spin & Kristie Morrone
SPPHAWA Scorcher Qualifier
Flyalong Falcon & Kristie Morrone
SPPHAWA States Qualifier
Feel The Roth & Jacinta Pope
SPPHAWA States Qualifier
Rosemount Lustre & Naomi Mead
SPPHAWA States Qualifier
Desilvio & Karen Thompson
SPPHAWA Scorcher Qualifier
Dardy Delight & Hannah Griffiths
SPPHAWA Scorcher Qualifier
Vallentino & Alex Markowski
SPPHAWA States Qualifier
Good Riddance & Hannah Griffiths
SPPHAWA Autumn Qualifier
Image to come
Fully Bombed & Cindy Turnbull
SPPHAWA Autumn Qualifier
Image to come
Gran Tarino & Naomi Edwardes
SPPHAWA Autumn Qualifier
Sporty Anna
SPPHAWA Spring Qualifier
Village Conquerer
SPPHAWA Autumn Qualifier